Winning with Friends is better than Winning Alone

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Hey friends,

Since we were kids, we’ve been designed to compete and win it all. Competing with fellow classmates in elementary school, competing to win a gold medal in high-school, competing to get the highest GPA and that Goldman Sachs offer in undergrad, and so on and so forth. The issue with this mentality is that sometimes you lose track of the true definition of happiness. In most cases, winning everything for yourself feels great, but I would argue that sometimes, winning silver medal or 2nd place with your friends will give you more happiness than winning gold alone.

Winning with friends is better than winning alone.

Recently, I had an opportunity to participate in a new project where the outcome was pretty much guaranteed to be a success. It required an upfront investment on my part and I had a fixed allocation allotted to me that I couldn’t exceed. Initially, I decided to invest alone and reap the benefits for myself, but for some reason, I changed my mind in the last minute. Instead of going at it alone and “winning gold”, I invited a few of my closest friends to join me on the venture. This meant that my total return on the investment would be cut by over 50%, but, we would all win something, and winning something together is worth a lot more than winning it all alone.

As you see opportunities in your life, from investments to trips to enjoying the simple pleasures in life, share those winning opportunities with your friends. I guarantee you that not only will you be happy in the short run, but you will ultimately win big, together, in the long run.

All the best.


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Christina Nguyen - Rising at LEK and PwC and Transitioning to Strategy & Operations (listen here)

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