Back to the Roots

Interested in a live course, taught by me?

Hello friends!

It’s been a while since I shared something new here. Part of it is that I’ve been busy moving cities, but more importantly, I’ve really been thinking about what is the content that my audience enjoys the most and in what specific format. Some of you may know that my coaching journey began over 11 years ago and it was primarily through live workshops where I got a chance to motivate and excite hundreds of bright-eyed students in the audience. There was always energy in that room, and no matter the city and how far it was from my home, I always looked forward to getting on a plane to teach my workshops. I met lifelong friends along the way, and fast forward to today, I miss that…

But, what if I could recreate that same energy without having to jump on planes and traveling to Hong Kong, or New York, or London over a weekend? The same energy where thousands of students would wake up in the morning, come to one place, and learn together, laugh at my shit jokes, make new friends, and leave inspired and motivated with a fire to make their lives a little bit better. I think I’ve found a way! 😃

I’ve partnered with to host a live cohort-based workshop for a beta cohort of 100 students that will be focused on “The Complete Guide to Getting Your Dream Job in Investment Banking”. This live workshop will teach you everything I know including behavioral and technical skills, to not only help you get the most coveted interviews, but also teach you how to crush them and convert them into lucrative offers. The cohort will start small so I can perfect my materials and reignite my live training and motivational skills. I’m really excited about this partnership with Maven as it has incredibly inspiring people working on it (such as the former co-founder of Udemy). The beta course will last a couple of weeks and will cost at least $800 and will be a significant discount over the final price.

The most exciting part about this is that I'll be teaching this course LIVE! You'll learn directly from me through live video calls and we'll have community discussions, support, and a lot more.

Click here if you’re interested in joining this small group. I only have a 100 seats at the moment, so only click this link if you’re actually serious about this. There's no payment or commitment yet! This is just letting me know that you're really interested in learning more about the course and potentially taking a seat when it goes live.

Now, some of you may be thinking “Sherjan…I’m in school dude, there’s no way I can afford this, I don’t got that GameStop money”. True, true! First, I’m glad you didn’t invest in those stocks, you don’t want that smoke. But, here’s another way to look at it:

  • Peanuts Compared to Your Tuition: You’re paying thousands of dollars in college tuition to get an education, and trust me, that alone won’t get you the job. Back in the day it did, but now, how the education system is trending, it just gets you a bland piece of paper that stays on your parent’s wall. This workshop is going to cost literally a fraction of your entire college education, and I am certain it will teach you more about how to get your dream job than anything else. In fact, it will get you closer to it, much closer. And say, you do actually end up getting that dream job in Investment Banking, you’ll pay off the workshop on your first day of work…seriously!

  • Early Bird Pricing: If this beta course goes well, the price will probably increase based on average price ranges for other courses being offered on this platform right now. So this is an “early bird” price.

  • Get Your Parents to Fund it: If you’re lucky and have parents who can afford this, I’d ask them to help fund this. I would let them know how competitive and lucrative it is to get an offer at firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and how getting access to this rare live course can literally change the trajectory of your career and ultimately make them proud (They’re already proud…but play the card 😉).

  • Lifelong Relationships: Lastly, and most importantly, this course is going to be a very serious endeavor involving a huge time commitment from me (and you). We will be in a small live online classroom together for multiple hours per week and this will very much be a community thing. A big part of this will be about building lifelong bonds with people who you’ve never met, in industries that are very small, and you never know how fruitful those relationships can be as your career progresses. To give you an example, many of my past students are now investors in my startups. You have no idea how proud I am to be a small part of their amazing journeys.

If you’re interested, then fill in this form here. The form is easy to fill, but please, only fill it if you’re serious about this. Given the small nature of the cohort, I really want to build a community feel and want highly engaged and interested students in this first beta cohort. If this works out well, I plan to host the same workshop again once a year during Investment Banking recruiting season.

It might not work out in the end just because in order for this type of thing to work on this platform right now, the price needs to be around this range, which is not conducive to most of you guys who follow me (students). And that’s OK if it doesn’t. But I thought I’d throw it out there anyways because I really believe this type of setup is the future of how education should and will work.

If you have any questions just respond to this email, I’ll do my best to reply. 🤗

All the best and keep smiling my friends!