Hello Mentees!

My name is Sherjan, I was a Vice President of Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley and prior to that I was at Google.

I have taught and motivated over 20,000 students and young professionals globally and am passionate about helping a million more achieve their career dreams.

I immigrated to Canada from Pakistan in 2000, had a 3.0 GPA in college, went to a non-target school, and faced some of the same bottlenecks and pressures as you might be facing today in your career path and life in general. But, through persistent hard work, staying long-term greedy, and with a ton of luck, I was able to reach my career goals and dreams in multiple fields: from being an Analyst, Associate, and Vice President at Morgan Stanley in Investment Banking, to joining Google and helping the firm invest globally. 

If I could do it, I know there are millions of others who could use a mentor like myself and do even better than me. This is why I write this weekly newsletter, teach my courses, and host my podcast: actionable career and life advice from someone not too different from yourself

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